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The INTERZINC Design Contest

Zinc, the fourth most commonly used metal in the world, is surprisingly not well known.  Its unique properties make it ideal for a number of applications, including castings.  While just about any casting process can be used with zinc alloys, over 80% of all Zinc casting are produced by the pressure die casting process.


We want you to test your knowledge of zinc by taking our challenge, a two part zinc casting design competition.  The first part based on knowledge, the second on practical design.

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An Introduction to INTERZINC

INTERZINC is a market development and technology transfer group, dedicated to increasing awareness of zinc casting alloys among engineers, designers and specifiers. It aims to accomplish this mission through technology transfer, technical services and designer education programs.


People have been benefited from zinc die castings for over 50 years. Their broad range of excellent mechanical and physical properties, easy castability, and broad range of available finishes have established zinc as the fourth most commonly used metal in the world.


Today, designers can also benefit from the added performance of a whole new family of high performance zinc alloys, the "ZA" alloys. These alloys complement the traditional "Zamak" alloys and further expand the already wide range of applications in which zinc has been successfully used.


Casting technology is not a process frozen in time. Ongoing advancements in zinc casting technology greatly benefit those who select materials for industrial and consumer products. INTERZINC’s programs are structured to assist manufacturers in determining how zinc can be cost-effectively employed for a wide range of end uses.


Since its formation in 1986 by a few visionary zinc producers and alloyers, INTERZINC has participated in national and international exhibitions, presented technical sessions at these exhibitions and conducted its own technical seminars. Through these activities INTERZINC has provided potential end-users of zinc castings with the following services:


  • technical literature
  • alloy and process selection help
  • casting design and prototyping assistance
  • product feasibility studies
  • comprehensive zinc database



For information and assistance contact INTERZINC: